Residential vs. Commercial Pest Control

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Similarly, there’s also more than one way to do pest control. However, this does not necessarily mean that one method will be as effective as the other. Some methods may be better at solving commercial pest control issues, while others may be more effective for residential issues.

Residential Pest Control

Every residential pest problem is unique. Because no two situations are alike, pest control professionals will need to personally assess your particular situation in order to determine which pest control technique to use, as well as the proper dosing, time, and application of that technique. Some of the factors he will need to consider are the size of your home, the strength of the treatment, temperature conditions, and severity of the infestation. Moreover, if you share your home with pets or small children, the pest control professional will need to take their disregard for danger and sensitive health into consideration as well. So, if he doesn’t already know about them, please don’t forget to inform him of the situation, so that he can make the necessary adjustments.

As for pest prevention, there are quite a few things that you can consider doing too. For example, you can seal up all the cracks and crevices on your walls, flooring, roof, attic, and basement to prevent disease-ridden insects or rodents from entering your home. You can also use natural repellents, such as citrus oil for mosquitoes and fleas, marigolds for certain flying insects, and cinnamon, coffee grounds, and mint leaves for ants. These natural options will not only help your home stay safe and pest-free, but it will also help reduce the environmental damage caused by commercial repellents.

Commercial Pest Control

On the other hand, commercial pest control is in a completely different league from its residential counterpart. While there may be some similarities, there are unique factors that are applicable to the former, but not to the latter.

One of these factors is the effect that pests can have on a business. A serious (and publicly known) bed bug or termite infestation, for example, can quickly cripple a hotel, cause irreparable damage to its reputation, and drive away both existing and potential guests. Another good example would be how pests can contaminate the food and grain supplies of a restaurant. A small batch of rodents will not only contaminate stored food, but may also spread a wide range of diseases.

The bottom line

Whether it’s residential or commercial pest control, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional to remedy the problem. It’s important to contact your local pest control expert promptly once you detect a bug or rat infestation. Remember that the longer you wait, the more damage these pests will be able to do to your home or business.–Commercial-Vs–Residential

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